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Monday, December 2, 2013

Morbid Thanksgiving

My family and I have a strange sense of humor that not everyone can appreciate. For instance, "Go die in a fire" is akin to "I love and appreciate you". It's just how we communicate. There isn't malice in our threats, and most of the time the more horrific the visual, the better it is appreciated.

That being said, my husband and I have always had a long running joke that he would have a heart attack before reaching age 30. (This is a joke because he eats lots of junk food and isn't very active, so it's a sort of tongue in cheek prod that he worries me.) Well, he is now age 32, still alive, heart doing well. On Thanksgiving I was feeling a bit amorous, and so I gave him a hug and nuzzled against his neck and said "I'm thankful that you lived past 30."

His sweet, romantic reply? "I'm thankful you won't."

My husband is one of the smartest people with the quickest, razor sharp wit that I have ever known. This was a major reason why I married him. Our conversations are never dull, and he often comes out with a few hilarious gems. Most of these gems result in a flurry of fists against his chest while he laughs and laughs and looks at me as though he has no idea why I'm pummeling him.

But he knows. Oh, he knows.

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