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Friday, November 22, 2013

Calls From School

I ended a phone conversation with my son's teacher, and my son, literally less than ten minutes ago. [I had to call daddy first to tell him about it and ruin his lunch break, and then I had time to blog about it.] She called me while class was going on in the background to tell me that my son is having a very, very bad day. He isn't listening, he's drawing on the carpet and crawling beneath the tables and chairs (he hides when he's upset), so I suppose it came to the point where she needed to call me and have me speak to him. I don't know what she expected me to say to him, but I guess parents tend to be heeded more than teachers... in whatever alternate universe the school is in. In my experiences, children listen to any form of authority before their own parents.

Part of me thinks perhaps his teacher is weird, since she only wanted me to give my son a talking to and then she pretty much hung up on me. And part of me thinks my son's teacher might be a total badass. Think about it; It might have been one of those circumstances in which she told my child, repeatedly, that "If you don't settle down and behave, I'm going to call your mother". And then she did. This was not an idle threat made. The woman phoned me up and put my son on the phone and involved me into his school day, which must plant in his brain that it's only going to get worse when he gets home.

I think my son might need to see a counselor. His behavior isn't intentionally disruptive, I think he just has a hard time processing emotion and boredom and resentment. Plus, autism runs heavy in my bloodline, especially in the boys,

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